Sheena Rose: Strictly Art


I had such a strange conversation with an artist in East Market in Louisville, KY. I cannot remember her name but she had these paintings of birds, painted with patterns and I really do like the patterns however the work wasn’t fully catching my attention. So I introduce myself

Me: Hi, My name is Sheena Rose and I am an artist from Barbados, I am showing in the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft

artist: oh nice

Me: Yea, I am showing in a contemporary Caribbean art exhibition there

artist: oh nice, it must be full of colour





me: OH! you are thinking of the stereotype of the Caribbean

The more I travel, the more I realize that people do not know the Caribbean. I get the feeling that they thinking we live at the beach all day, have the steel pan playing and drinking coconuts all day, living in a paradise. Yes to me, my home is my paradise but it have more than the beach and coconuts.